Hello everyone ! Today I wanna talk about things that i fell in love with from the last months (april). This is something i can't imagine spring and summer and lots of my favorite things without.
Spring is a period when your skin requires to be moisturized as because of the sun-rays it becomes dry and thats the reason why we have to protect and take care about our skin .Different products help you to keep your hair , nails and face healthy

 1.FREEMAN - is facial peel-off mask which is made with natural botanical ingredients . It makes my skin smooth and silky .In order to gain best results use it twice a week, but, honestly, i use it more often. This mask is really amazing.
2.Syoss Dry Shampoo - is really good thing  when you're washing your hair very often but want to look beautiful and always  fresh .
3.ELSEVE Arginine Resist - spray which strengthens your hair and makes it look more healthy .

4. ESSIE nail polish - cute color which looks amazing on the nails , so beautiful .
5 . these are my lovely (beloved) colors, just look at them - gorgeous
6. L'oreal lipstick (401 Rebel Red ) - this is the most beautiful  color that i've ever had. Gorgeous red  lipstick . looks really shiny and glamorous.
7.  L'oreal Volume millions lashes excess . Mascara looks gorgeous on my eyes , I love it .
1.My lovely sunglasses . Aviator Sunglasses H&M - - are something that i wear  every time when i see sunlight outside. . Another two pairs i've ordered on the Chines website , .but it doesn't matter .    

2.This jewelry is another thing that i've ordered on the  Chines website .  When i first time saw it i fell in love with it, but i didn't know which brand this accessory belongs to. That's why i've decided to order it. I 'm absolutely fascinated with this jewelry, and now i know that its Mango.